Rock, Funk and R&B are strong influences for Erica James. 

Inspired by life, love and human nature, growing up in Toronto, Canada, she brings to her music a balance of where she has been, where she is and where she is going. 

While performing for many years in the music scene, creating her own musical persona, Erica veered away from the influences of doing what everybody else said she ‘should do’ and began writing her own songs, following her own heart. After many years of perseverance, ups and downs, and with the help of more experienced veterans in the business, her sound has evolved with the ability to venture into many genres. The end result is a well rounded musical retrospective, encompassing sounds from music past to music present. She has successfully integrated the colours and sounds of Funk, Rock, R&B and Soul along with her own distinctive sound into a compelling and unique musical experience. 

‘Be willing to change who you are for what you can become’